Boots for Bahamas

Grower's Allliance, 322 Anastasia Blvd, St Augustine FL 32080

On Sunday, October 6th is the Boots for Bahamas fundraiser at Growers Alliance Cafe. Donations of men's (Sizes 9-13) workboots, tennis shoes & socks are being requested for Hope Town and areas on Elbow Cay. New boots & shoes are preferred, but lightly used footwear will also be accepted.

Elbow Cay is an island that is part of the archipelago called Great Abaco, one of the hardest hit areas of Hurricane Dorian. The hurricane sat directly on top of this area with sustained winds greater that 220mph for almost 48 hours. There may have been as many as twenty F5 tornadoes that hit this area.

A local group of St. Augustine residents has gathered together helping with ongoing recovery efforts from Hurricane Dorian.

Residents are welcome to drop off donations at Growers Alliance prior to Sunday, if they are unable to attend on October 6th.

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