1. All Along


All Along
Written by Gabriel Acevedo 2014

I chased a dream,
Over some hills into a stream,
I swam with the fishes of the sea,

I chased a dream,
Through the rainclouds several thousand feet,
Up where the atmospheres meet,

There was no plan,
I raced until I held it in my hand,
I realized it'd been there all along,

All along will I find,
The place that I've been looking for a chance to finally fly,
Sometimes dreams are beautiful designs,
Somehow this was meant to be mine,
All along, All along.

I chased a dream,
Off a ledge into a steep ravine,
And I rerealized I had a pair of wings,
All along,

I chased a dream,
To some place where all the Angel's sing,
And I saw God was traveling with me,
All along,