1. Reverie

Written by Gabriel Acevedo and Leah Lynn ©2019


I've been spread thin all year long
It's hard to smile but youve been strong
There's no easy way to grow
At least I have your hand to hold

It's hard to keep the peace at heart
Sometimes i feel im in the dark
But you're lighting up my life
Like the lights outside tonight


Cold front blows
My heart dreams
Of mistletoe last LChristmas eve
Simpler days of you and in reverie
Let's go back to that place
Light a candle, dance away
This Christmas can we dream while we're awake?
We have somthing the world cant take away,

Chilly winds and clearer mind
We'll find our feet. It might take time
I feel safe, your hand in mine
I know we're gonna get somewhere, someday