I can not tell you how proud I am of these guys. Hard work ALWAYS pays off and Remedy Tree is a great example. The future for this band will not look like anything you've seen to date because they are cutting their own path to success. You have not heard the best and certainly not heard the last of RT.”

— Ernie Evans, Evans Media Source

Remedy Tree from St. Augustine was a pleasant surprise. I had not seen this band before. They bill themselves as a mix of bluegrass, old time, and Americana with a progressive edge. They are all of this and more, but are far more traditional sounding than they give themselves credit for. Give this band a listen when you get the chance.”

Bluegrass Today

Remedy Tree slows things down for this holiday song, with beautiful harmonizing and meaningful lyrics. With the song named after a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts, the words translate well at a time when so many people in our town, state, and world are feeling stressed from overwork, commitments, and so much more.” - Dace Kosciolek

Narrow Magazine

They’re a string band that manage sweet, strolling folk songs and greased-lightning bluegrass burners with equal aplomb. Most importantly, Remedy Tree do it without resorting to the pop cutesiness of the folkie boy bands.” - Bao Le-Huu

Orlando Weekly

They showcase some really good old time fiddling and music” - Bill Warren

Bluegrass Today

There is a fresh new sound in the air. I have heard only a few times. Its the new sounds from our youth. Taken in by the sounds of yesterday. Remedy Tree has blended the new with the traditional and has brought forth a new generation of music. I was impressed by their sound and their performance. The crowd loved them. I'm a still receiving comments about their performance. I want to send a shout out to the group for your performance at the 40th Annual High Springs Pioneer Days Event. I see the a bright future for these young musicians. ”

— Michael Loveday, High Springs Music Coordinator

Narrow was excited to have Remedy Tree perform at one of our Sing Out Loud Festival after parties , and they deliver a great live show! ”

Dave Kosciolek , Narrow Magazine Editor-in-Chief

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