There is a fresh new sound in the air. I have heard only a few times. Its the new sounds from our youth. Taken in by the sounds of yesterday. Remedy Tree has blended the new with the traditional and has brought forth a new generation of music. I was impressed by their sound and their performance. The crowd loved them. I'm a still receiving comments about their performance. I want to send a shout out to the group for your performance at the 40th Annual High Springs Pioneer Days Event. I see the a bright future for these young musicians. ”

— Michael Loveday, High Springs Music Coordinator

Narrow was excited to have Remedy Tree perform at one of our Sing Out Loud Festival after parties , and they deliver a great live show! ”

Dave Kosciolek , Narrow Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Remedy Tree on the Narrow Magazine:

Remedy Tree on Old City Life Magazine:

“Remedy Tree are a band blazing their own trail in the field of indie Americana. A little bit of bluegrass, some indie attitude and combination of male and female vocals reminiscent of ages past mix together for a modern and traditional sound all on one. With a full length recently released this group is making themselves a regular name locally. ””

— Bleeding Tree Entertainment