Life With You
Written by Gabriel Acevedo 2018
As long as you love me in the morning,
When the Dew is laying heavy on the ground,
We can lay the day to waste,
and listen to the birds and pray
their song will always be true,

As long as you love me in the evening,
When the sun is sinking low behind the clouds,
We can break the walls between
Our rhythm and opposing things,
And somehow make it through,

As long as you love me through the rain,
When the storm has taken all that makes us sane,
We can watch the water rise,
and they will only realize, nothing can tear us apart

As long as you love me till the day,
When the light in my eyes fades away,
You can lay me down

And plant some flowers all around,
forever hold my heart.

I'll do life with you
if you really want me too,
our song will always be true